The Realty Den A new real estate company focused on the needs of the Customer. Providing world class customer experience and expertise in multiple solution offerings. Our approach is about putting the customer first. With a boutique retail office space geared towards bringing the public in to the real estate world, we’ve created a real estate hub with all the comforts of a den.

Bringing all aspects of real estate and information to the public and inviting the public to come into The Realty Den, be it our physical locations or our website.

Our promise is to deliver world class customer experience with a commitment to exceeding expectations.


World Class Customer Experience, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency and Innovation.


To increase the value proposition of Realtors and bring homeownership to everyone.



Our residential solution offering focuses on the buying and selling of properties used for nonbusiness purposes. We use a collection of unique marketing measures to represent and promote residential resale properties. Our strategy to residential sales and purchases is married with a full list of capabilities to connect with both home sellers and buyers.

We provide an array of unique options for first time home owners, empty nesters and expanding families. Working with valued vendors and various institutional programs we make the buying and selling process seamless.

Whatever your buying and selling reasons are we are aware of the emotional aspect of all the transactions and decisions involved and will guide you through what will likely be the biggest financial transaction in your life.


Our Commercial solution offering focuses on properties that are exclusively used for business operations and profit-making purposes. We work with our clients to determine their specific business property needs, provide renderings and financial information to support leasing and purchasing decisions.

We focus on the following Commercial Categories:

Administrative work space for businesses used primarily by private companies that may be a mix of various companies in the same building or private and public companies head offices in its own building.


  • Heavy manufacturing required for large manufacturers heavily customized and may require substantial renovation
  • Light assembly required for storage, product assembly and office space
  • Flex warehouse which is flex space that can be easily converted and normally includes a mix of both industrial and office space
  • Bulk warehouses properties that are very large and are used for regional distribution of products that require easy access by trucks


  • Strip Malls for smaller retail properties that also contain a larger more established retail chain can be used for restaurants, dry cleaning, salons, etc.
  • Community Retail Centres are very large and contain multiple larger more established retail chains and include grocery and drug stores
  • Power Centres have several smaller inline retail stores but also includes major box retailers such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, Best Buy, etc.






Working with various countries throughout the world with primary focus on Southern and Caribbean properties. We are building a global presence which will include offices all around the world.

Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity in the global market or you are looking for a vacation home down south we will provide you with a plethora of properties to choose from. We have partnered with many developers to bring you site plans, price lists and all the information about the particular market you find desirable. We provide education on the tax laws, the people, the culture, climate and economy of the market you are considering.

Our business is built on diversity and that diversity allows us to gain specific knowledge of varying regions and markets to bring you the information you need. Our desire for global reach is a goal we are committed to achieving and passionate about.


For investment properties used to diversify your financial portfolio we work towards helping you achieve your ROI (return on investment) goals. Whether you are interested in flipping homes for profit, rental properties for increased cash flow and building equity or tear down and build ups for lucrative investment returns, we have the right tools, knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire process.

We partner with architects, city planning and a multitude of vendors and suppliers in an effort to provide you with best use and fit scenarios, realistic estimated developments costs while increasing awareness on various techniques to increase efficiency so that you achieve the highest returns on your investment.


The uniqueness of luxury and custom built homes requires specialty marketing and sales processes. We also handle exclusive listings to meet the standards required by the most discerning buyers and sellers of high-end homes.

Our knowledgeable professionals have undergone extensive training with a focus on providing quality service and effective results in the luxury market. Developing a marketing plan specifically for each high-end property which meets the sellers unique requirements. We apply our “six degrees of separation” sales techniques to ensure the luxury home is presented to the right buyers. All homes are marketed and sold under or LUXE luxury homes brand and advertised in our Exclusive Homes Canada Magazine and Website.


Working with new home builders and developers we offer our Home Builders Partnership Program. Our partnership program includes a menu of features which ranges from sales and marketing efforts to inventory and client management systems.

We offer Innovative Solutions for Home Builders which includes our Home Builder 4P Program. Our solutions are geared towards reducing your time, streamlining process and increasing your profits. The 4P Program is a thorough plan that includes Brand Positioning, Engaging Prospects, Measuring and increasing Service Performance and Increasing Profits.

Our Innovative Solutions for Home Builders will significantly reduce your marketing and sales costs by using sound sales and marketing strategies, supported by robust technology to quickly move Strangers to Promoters while decreasing the amount of time it takes to close a sale. By moving strangers to promoters, through a series of executable tasks (Create, Attract, Convert, Manage, Close and Delight), and closing sales quickly your cash flow is increased and your new home development will realize increased profits.

Sales 1440 – software system used to manage floor plans, contracts, deposits, customers.
Cheetah Hub Site – used to collaborate and coordinate main sales event
Market Consultation and Research
Marketing Strategy and Design
Marketing and Branding Services:

  • City Market Overview brochure
  • Project Overview brochure
  • Investor Package brochure
  • Floor plan design and renderings
  • Website and Email Marketing Campaign

Sales Event – including meals, staffing, advertising
Sponsored Ads – Google, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
Sales Strategy 
Network Strategy
Interior Design/Sales Office Design


Our Condominium Partnership Program applies a two tier innovative solution to marketing and selling Condominiums. We are highly equipped and trained to manage and facilitate pre-construction sales, post sales, contract sales and leasing arrangements. Utilizing our state of the art facility to showcase prominent Condominium developments we attract and qualify buyers who are seeking and ready to purchase.

Conducting buyer seminars and showcase events in our state of the art space will also contribute to meeting the goals and exceeding the expectations of our Condominium Development Partners.


Understanding the changing needs of Customers looking for options outside of living in their current home we provide various solution and options. It is important to understand the emotional, physical and financial aspects, so that there is a better chance of enjoying these golden years. We have solid support network and can help identify these specific needs and recommend the right choices.

Working with builders and developers with a specific focus on creating Retirement Communities we are able to provide options to facilitate a lifestyle change. We conduct seminars and training sessions geared towards nearly retired or retirees with focus on utilizing equity to increase cash flow so they can stay in their homes longer.


Our relocation solutions include two focuses 1. Single families relocating to a different city or country 2. Corporation relocation services.

We provide Single Families support and assistance during and after the transition of a relocation. The goal of this service is to ease the transition to a new home and community through the referral of a top Realtor who will help you find the right home, in the right area, in your price range. Our recommended Realtors are familiar with the area you are considering and will provide neighbourhood information about the community. The Realtor will make appointments, take you to showings and negotiate for you, when you find the right home.

Our Corporate Services are for companies who have an employee moving for work or is an employer that regularly relocates employees to different parts of the country or internationally. We provide services that can streamline the relocation process, lower costs, and provide information on tax incentives for your company.


We help business owners who wish to sell their business by finding the right buyer. Working with business owners, we package together the information (including a financial and operations review) required by potential buyers to make their buying decisions. We are responsible constructing the overall deal and work diligently for a successful transaction. We also assist individuals or companies who are looking to purchase either a profitable company or companies that are in distress or businesses looking for partnership and capital investment.